3 Stories

Mary's Story

Sure, her floors had dried but she was left with damage to drywall, floors and some cabinets. Even worse, black toxic mold had set in and her family had begun to suffer. To add insult to inquiry, her claim only covered the drying machines with the insurance company informing her she had reached her limit. Read More

Juan & Rosa's Story

The letter from the insurance company’s claims department stated the damages “did not meet the deductible” which left them with no cash for repairs. Fortunately for Juan and Rosa, a friend gave them advice that was the break they needed. Read More

Doris & Harold's Story

What they eventually learned from a plumber was that the old rotted drain pipe from their kitchen sink – the one that was buried and leaking inside the block wall, was building a reservoir of nasty smelling kitchen waste water which kept seeping out under the cabinets. Read More